Public call for an expert for the development of the policy brief on the access to education of the youth at risk in the Western Balkan countries

Prevent requires an expert for the development of the policy brief on the access to education of the youth at risk in the Western Balkan countries.

Minimum Requirements:

  • At least 3 years of experience and expertise (including practical) in the field of social and child protection and/or educational system.
  • Previous work in similar organizations at fulfilling similar functions is desirable.
  • Excellent knowledge of English (spoken and written skills).


  • Writing a policy brief on the mentioned topic.
  • Presentation of the policy brief at the regional conference that will be held in Podgorica.

Background and Context

Based on the previous experience, as well as the official reports of state and international institutions, applicants to this proposal have concluded that many young people, especially most at-risk youth, are highly marginalized and socially excluded in the WB countries. It is known that the access to quality education is one of the most important factors in obtaining higher living standard and maintaining quality level of future social interaction. Failure to access quality education may be detrimental to the overall social development of young person. That not only it significantly affects the prospects for future employment, but also it negatively affects mental health and social integration. Governments of the WB countries have recognized the need for more inclusive education and have been working on integrating specific target groups; however, the results of the reforms remain limited. Youth at risk are not a homogenous group, but a very diverse one, with each one having specific needs concerning their education. That is why this project aims to provide answer how to improve access to the quality education, as well as to connect regional stakeholders in sharing their experiences in designing and implementing educational reforms concerning the youth at risk.

In this project phase, Prevent requires an expert for the development of the policy brief on the access to education of the youth at risk in the Western Balkan countries.

Purpose and Objective

Each researcher will prepare the country overview (desk research) containing information about the legal and strategic framework regulating participation of the youth at risk in the educational system. The research will also contain overview of the major reform process focusing on inclusive education and other important aspects and changes that needs to be made. In addition, set of recommendation will come out and it will be important product for decision makers and future joint initiatives.

The project will lead to the strengthened cooperation among stakeholders coming from different areas including governmental sector, civil society and education. It will lead to the creation of network of decision makers, practitioners and human rights advocates in the area of education and human rights, regionally advocating for better education opportunities for vulnerable populations. All five-policy briefs will be affiliated in one publication, which will be presented on the Regional Conference.

Instructions for the policy briefs:

  1. Overview about the current situation when it comes to educational system in WB countries.

– max 1 page

  1. Overview of the major reform processes focusing on access to education of youth at risk and other

important aspects.

– max 2 pages

  1. Providing alternative learning opportunities to vulnerable youth

– max 2 pages

  1. Set of concrete recommendations for policy changes, in order to provide higher inclusion of

youth at risk – Strengthening education systems

– max 2 pages

Technical aspects:

Font to be used: Times New Roman, 12, 1, 15 line spacing.

For references and citation: APA style

Key Deliverables and Timeframe:

The Consultant/s will be engaged in the period from 30.03.2023 – 30.04.2023.

Fee tor this task is 500 EUR (gross).

In order to apply for this position, please send your CV and motivation letter: with the indication “For  invitation – Western Balkans”.

Applications can be submitted until March 20 (until 12 : 00h local time).

Overall objective of the project is contributing to the higher access to the quality education of youth at risk.

This activity is implemented within the project “ARYSE”, which is financially supported by Western Balkan Fund (WBF).

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